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Erik Boland Chat Transcript 7/10/08

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  Posted 11 July 2008 - 04:05 AM


Special thanks are in order to hmhertz for setting up the chat, and to sg1 for keeping the order of people asking questions. They did a great job, and Erik proved to be an excellent choice. We plan on having Erik back in the future.

I've edited out the calling of the order of people to ask questions, as well as the people entering and leaving the room where it didn't add anything to the chat. There were about 15 people in the room, not a bad turnout for this time of year. Thanks to everyone for attending and making it a fun session.

{20:00} Erik_Boland joined http://www.nyjetschat.com

{20:00} <Maven> hi erik

{20:01} <Erik_Boland> Hi Maven. Just logged on

{20:01} <Maven> we're glad you could make it
{20:01} <sg1> it's a small but enthusiastic group, erik ready to pepper you with questions.... hopefully none about brett favre

{20:02} <Erik_Boland> i very much appreciate the invite. ready whenever you guys are!

{20:02} <hmhertz> How do you rate Woody’s commitment to winning a Super Bowl?

{20:04} <Erik_Boland> based strictly on the offseason money he spent this year, it's obvious he cares about winning. he never is going to be jerry jones in terms of coming off as a "fan" owner but i dont think that's what you guys necessarily want anyway. my idea of a dream owner is one who will spend wisely, put good football people in place, and let them do their jobs

{20:05} <prime5> Handicap the QB derby.Does Ratliff have a shot in making the roster?

{20:07} <Erik_Boland> prime, i'll give an abridged answer because obviously i could write for 30 minutes on the the qb race. based on what we saw in the OTA practices, Clemens was a little better in those. he was accurate and he threw a handful of good deep balls. But pennington was a tad better in the two-day minicamp. overall, I give a slight - very slight - advantage to clemens. but remember...
{20:08} <Erik_Boland> and readers of my blog probably got tired of me saying this, OTAs and the minicamp are non-contact. the competition in earnest doesn't really begin until july 24 when the pads are on. as for ratliff...

{20:08} <sg1> any truth to the internet rumor that the jets are examining a trade with san diego for eric parker?
{20:08} <sg1> sorry, erik for not letting you finish

{20:09} <Erik_Boland> what's interesting about him is I thought he looked the best of the three qbs during the two-day minicamp! of course he was working only with the third team but he threw a 40-45 yard deep ball that was the best throw of the camp. anyway, the third string job will be tough for him to win based on the fact the jets really think they got a steal with Erik Ainge.
{20:09} <Erik_Boland> (its ok)

{20:10} jetophile joined http://www.nyjetschat.com
{20:11} <Maven> welcome jetophile

{20:11} <Erik_Boland> i've been told there's nothing to that. the jets looking at a trade for parker

{20:11} <bitonti> besides the OL situation, loss of Cedric Houston last year hurt the Jets in short yardage. Does the team have a favorite for that job? any chance that Musa Smith, Jehru Caulcrick big guys get that job or will it be Thomas Jones again? Jesse Chatman?

{20:11} <Erik_Boland> and based on what i saw in the camps, i think you'll like the jets WRs this year, provided stuckey stays healthy
{20:13} <Erik_Boland> bitonti, I would give the order of short-yardages guys to be Jones first and then Smith and Chatman. Chatman looked good in the OTAs, though it was more coming out of the backfield taking screens.

{20:14} <joegee> Is there discontent among the veterans with mangini and tannenbaum? The front office does seem arrogant at times.

{20:16} <Erik_Boland> joegee, I asked tannenbaum a question similar to that during the minicamp and he said something like "we have 85 players in camp and 84 of them are reasonably happy with their contracts." i also asked an agent a month or so about the jets rep. in the agent community and he said for the most part, it was pretty good

{20:16} <kevlax2> Will the addition of Jenkins finally be the key to improving our run defense?
{20:16} <sg1> (or, thankfully the ridding the roster of Dewayne Busterson

{20:17} <Erik_Boland> as for mangini, the jets season was lost midway through last year and the team still played hard for him. that's not insignificant. as for jenkins....
{20:18} <Erik_Boland> Jenkins is a "slim" 360 as mangini called him and unlike robertson (nice nickname of busterson, sg1), jenkins WANTS the challenge of being the nose man in the 3-4. its huge to have that attitude for a position that doesn't yield a ton of glory

{20:19} <jetophile> I'm content to just listen in for now.

{20:19} <Erik_Boland> btw to anyone who cares, "jetophile" is just hilarious. i'm probably not supposed to say that but whatever
{20:19} <Erik_Boland> the nickname that is

{20:19} <jetophile> Hehe, thanks.

{20:19} <Erik_Boland> dont know the person obviously

{20:19} <Maven> that's ok jetophile, we have some other folks here just listening in

{20:19} <Erik_Boland> please, continue...

{20:19} <hmhertz> Shes kind of cute
{20:19} <prime5> What is your impression of Coach Callahan and is influence on the OL and running game?

{20:19} <Erik_Boland> well i am single...
{20:19} <Erik_Boland> ok back to football
{20:20} <Erik_Boland> on callahan...

{20:20} <hmhertz> Who are the under the radar players from last years team that the coaches like

{20:21} <Erik_Boland> i have said this in my blog. i think at the end of this season, the jets picking up callahan will rank as one of the best offseason moves. I've talked to mangold, ferguson and faneca about callahan and they all have just raved about his knowlege of line play

{20:21} <sg1> better than last year's unwise decision at OL coach for sure

{20:22} <Erik_Boland> well here's the thing about callahan: nebraska people can't stand him but everywhere he's coached - college or pro - those teams have had top-notch o-lines. it's a specialty of his. period.

{20:23} <Maven> welcome raging jet
{20:23} <Banned_From_JI> I was banned today from Jets Insider for promoting this live chat(I suppose). LOL
{20:23} <bitonti> ha

{20:23} <Erik_Boland> you were banned?

{20:24} <Banned_From_JI> yes

{20:24} <Erik_Boland> people need to lighten up in this world
{20:24} <Erik_Boland> anywhoo

{20:24} <Banned_From_JI> yes

{20:24} <Erik_Boland> who's next?

{20:24} <sg1> hank asked about under the radar players

{20:24} <Erik_Boland> oh i'm sorry. i missed that

{20:24} <hmhertz> They have banned everyone who mentioned this chat

{20:26} <Erik_Boland> not to go bill clinton on you, but how do you define a under the radar player on a 4-12 team? is there a player/players you're thinking of?

{20:26} <bitonti> robert turner

{20:26} <Erik_Boland> *"an" under the radar player that should have read
{20:26} <Erik_Boland> turner...

{20:26} <hmhertz> players barely mentioned in the press
{20:28} <kevlax2> I have to leave now to catch a train out of Philly, but my question is .who starts opposite of Revis?. Thanks to Erik for coming and thanks to Hank and Maven for setting it up!

{20:29} <Erik_Boland> Mangini was asked about a couple players who had stood out for him during OTAs and coaches usually don't mention specific players in those situations. mangini actually did mention robert turner, along with matt mcchesney. obviously that's a good thing given what seems to be a lack of depth on the o-line

{20:29} <Maven> thanks kev.. have a safe trip home
{20:29} <jetophile> Bye, Kev. Safe travels.

{20:29} <Erik_Boland> kevlax, i'll run laps around hofstra if its not justin miller

{20:29} <bitonti> erik that's good news
{20:29} <Maven> i hope it's miller
{20:30} <Maven> that would say he's really come a long way
{20:30} <sg1> will baker be traded or just DUMPED.. If so, will Franks be the everydown guy, Keller in for passing situations and Posiack the third guy??
{20:31} <sg1> after erik tackles the tight ends, joegee is up, then banned from ji and raging jet before we go back to henry

{20:31} <Erik_Boland> sg1, that's such a good question because to me there's no good options regarding baker. trade him and you give a road map to future players/agents of how to get out of town if you're unhappy....
{20:31} <Erik_Boland> if they redo his deal, same thing....

{20:31} <joegee> Does Bryan Thomas have a comeback year? How much will the pass rush improve overall?
{20:32} <sg1> in my opinion, he is a mediocrity that isn't worth all the fuss
{20:32} <bitonti> robert turner was my question i want to know who is backup OC that is all

{20:32} <Erik_Boland> but he IS, without question, the team's best all-around tight end. however, if they don't trade or redo his deal you don't want a cancer in the locker room. personally, i would probably just cut him and see if he could do better elsewhere with a contract. franks is good enough to get you through this year and then TE become a top priority next offseason
{20:33} <Erik_Boland> on thomas....
{20:35} <Erik_Boland> i know a lot of fans were upset to hear thomas say he "slacked off" at times last year but consider the alternative. What if he had said he had a GREAT year and showed himself to be simply delusional. there aren't a lot of pro athletes who would publicly admit what Thomas did. while the drills were non contact that we saw, i think you'll see very different B. Thomas this season. overall........

{20:36} <Banned_From_JI> Not sure what questions were already asked. Not even sure if anyone can answer this either just want to know if there is any sort of info on the PSL`s for Jets tickets. Will longer tenured fans have the option for the cheaper seats first ultimately bumping others out of them? If so, what happens to those who get bumped? Will they be given the choice of having to pay thousands more or be eliminate
{20:36} <Banned_From_JI> eliminated

{20:36} <Erik_Boland> the pass rush can't help but be improved. Pace, while they might have overpaid for, is still the real deal and Jenkins is going to make a big difference up front

{20:37} <sg1> not to mention Gholston, erik

{20:37} <Erik_Boland> am I still going in the right order here? don't want to miss anyone. bear with me, i'm new at this!
{20:38} <Erik_Boland> (i think gholston might be like harris last year. meaning comes on strong the latter part of the year)

{20:38} <Banned_From_JI> no problem
{20:38} <Maven> i think they are going to take a slow measured approach with the gholst
{20:38} <sg1> we're giving you an A+ rating so far, erik

{20:38} <Erik_Boland> maven, agreed. he will not start right away unless something freakish happens

{20:38} <Maven> we were Randy Lange's first chat, and look where he is now.. lol

{20:38} <Erik_Boland> sg1, thanks. good for a career C student
{20:39} <Erik_Boland> lange is a legend. end of story.

{20:39} <sg1> we have banned question about psl's and then it's on to raging jet, then henry
{20:39} bbfan18 joined http://www.nyjetschat.com

{20:39} <Erik_Boland> I see a PSL question....

{20:40} <Banned_From_JI> PSL`s are on everyones mind lately

{20:40} <Erik_Boland> there's no new info on that, JI. i'm not sure why they're waiting. i haven't heard that the organization is having a change of heart about this issue, though they should.

{20:40} <sg1> question.... should we let the cheater fan ask questions or just let him read a tape of this??
{20:40} <bbfan18> hey

{20:40} <Erik_Boland> who is the cheater fan?

{20:40} <Maven> hi bbfan
{20:40} <bbfan18> how do you ask questions
{20:40} <bitonti> he's a closet jets fan
{20:40} <sg1> bbfan
{20:40} <Maven> wait until you are called on bbfan
{20:40} <sg1> bb meaning cheating bill
{20:40} <bbfan18> no
{20:41} <bbfan18> big brother
{20:41} <bbfan18> thank you
{20:41} <Banned_From_JI> LOL
{20:41} <sg1> ok, I apologize

{20:41} <Erik_Boland> haha. that's ok. i'm enjoying reading the back-and-forth

{20:41} <sg1> raging jet -- do you have a question or should we move on to hank
{20:41} <RagingJet> Came on here late so don't know if QB question was asked. With Jets if we have two QBs do we not have one?
{20:42} <bbfan18> how long do i have to wait
{20:42} <sg1> we'll let bigbrother NOT bill belichick go next then start round three with henry
{20:42} <bbfan18> thank you
{20:42} <bbfan18> ok
{20:42} <bbfan18> hi erik
{20:43} <bbfan18> 1-what do you think about the jets leaving hofstra
{20:43} <sg1> after erik answers the one about quarterbacks
{20:43} <bbfan18> oh

{20:43} <Erik_Boland> raging, for all the talk about the O-line and D-line and Baker and WR, the No. 1 issue for the Jets is QB. i know that's obvious but the reality is neither guy showed much of anything last year. of course, a large part of that is the horrible o-line play but the bottom line is clemens didnt go out and WIN the job last season as the Jets hoped he would...

{20:43} <bbfan18> then take my 1st
{20:43} <sg1> blame sheldon silver is the answer to the first, btw

{20:44} <Erik_Boland> but make no mistake, if pennington outperforms clemens, he'll start in miami. clemens will have to win the job outright, it won't be handed to him as some have speculated

{20:44} <sg1> but we'll let erik make a go of it anyhow
{20:45} <RagingJet> Thanks Erik
{20:45} <sg1> the question is what do you think about leaving hofstra?
{20:45} <Maven> ok guys, there's 15 more minutes before erik has to go, please have your question typed and ready when called
{20:45} <bbfan18> i think it's a horrible move

{20:46} <Erik_Boland> well, here's what bothers me and marty lyons said it perfectly when i asked him about it the other night. there's not a new york team that will have ANY NY connection once the jets move to Jersey

{20:46} <hmhertz> Have you heard rumors that coaches have come to the conclusion that Clemens may be too short?
{20:46} <Banned_From_JI> Thanks for coming Erik. Looking forward to another live chat with you in the future hopefully. I havn`t any good questions currently (aside from PSL stuff). Wasn`t sure I`d make it here tonight but glad I did. Thanks Mave, henry and sg1. See you guys soon. I have a funeral tomorrow at 8:45am unfortunately. Take care.

{20:46} <Erik_Boland> that just doesnt sound right
{20:46} <Erik_Boland> (thanks, JI. i'll be back)
{20:47} <Erik_Boland> just to finish on hofstra...

{20:47} <bbfan18> they are backstabbing there long island fanbase
{20:47} <sg1> let erik answer the question, already
{20:48} <bbfan18> i am sir
{20:48} <hmhertz> Tannenbaum mentioned that and the fact he was a systemsQB might be a problem
{20:48} <Maven> cool your jets guys.. ok, that was bad
{20:48} <sg1> sheldon silver is the one who backstabbed the entire state of new york fan base

{20:48} <Erik_Boland> but i understand why they're moving to the facility in Jersey. it's just a shame that they couldnt figure out a way to build THAT facility somewhere on LI or at the very least in New York. the greatest city in the world has two football teams, NEITHER of which does anything in that city or state. odd.

{20:49} <sg1> the jets tried, erik--- but sheldon the crooked grafter killed the deal
{20:49} <sg1> henry you are up
{20:49} <sg1> any questions about penis sizes?

{20:49} <Erik_Boland> yeah i wasn't covering the team when that all went down but he's one of several names i understand undercut the process
{20:50} <Erik_Boland> whoa

{20:50} <jetophile> HAH.

{20:50} <Erik_Boland> calm down there sg

{20:50} <hmhertz> I asked about Clemens being too short
{20:50} <sg1> hank asked about systems quarterbacks being a problem
{20:51} <Maven> that's an inside joke Erik.. henry is known to ask some 'interesting' questions on our forum

{20:51} <Erik_Boland> right after the "short" question too
{20:51} <Erik_Boland> anyway

{20:52} <bitonti> will Calvin Pace rotate at 3-4 ILB - can that be a pass rushing position? top 4 LB, that list might not include Eric Barton anymore

{20:52} <Erik_Boland> clemens i believe is the same size as dan fouts, or roughly similar. i'm not comparing abilities so don't misunderstand but that's not something i've heard within the organization as a concern. outside, yes, but not inside

{20:52} <sg1> prime, be ready -- time is fleeing.... then bitonti, joegee, raging jet
{20:52} <hmhertz> Our board is X rated, I made it that way

{20:53} <Erik_Boland> i feel like i'm in college again
{20:53} <Erik_Boland> meaning no dates on the weekends
{20:53} <Erik_Boland> but that's not important right now

{20:53} <sg1> we have 8 minutes, bb--- I'll try and get you in if everybody either goes real fast or passes
{20:53} <hmhertz> better you than me
{20:53} <prime5> Who do you project at starting CB and Safety?How about nickel back?

{20:54} <Erik_Boland> i'll stay for an extra few questions after 10. no sweat

{20:55} <RagingJet> Regarding the QB issue again. I think Mangini's job hinges on his decision as to who plays QB. Woody says his job is safe but I don't believe it if they go 4-12 again.

{20:55} <Erik_Boland> let me get to the pace question....pace is going to be on the outside, that's what they're paying him for. but someone asked me what happens if he, B. thomas AND gholston all turn out to be solid rushers. my answer was if that's the case, the jets will figure out a way to get them all on the field. and barton could be the casualty if that's the case

{20:55} <sg1> just to keep things semi straight -- there are two questions -- 1) calvin pace --every down guy or just pass rusher and then 2)starting CB and safety
{20:56} <prime5> thks

{20:56} <Erik_Boland> starting CBs right now in my eyes: revis and miller...safeties: Rhodes and Eric Smith (elam got a late start because of the tragedy with his brother)

{20:56} <joegee> Erik, did you grow up a Jet fan. If not who did you root for?Thanks for being here tonight.

{20:57} <Erik_Boland> joegee, do you want me to answer that? you guys might start hating me

{20:57} <joegee> go ahead
{20:57} <sg1> no chief fan, lets hear it
{20:57} <Maven> joegee> he's talked about that on his blog.. he was browns fan i think

{20:57} <Erik_Boland> haha. i grew up in Cleveland

{20:57} <joegee> ok
{20:57} <sg1> browns fan would be better than chiefs fan for sure

{20:58} <Erik_Boland> i moved here six weeks before 9/11

{20:58} <joegee> glad to have him here
{20:58} <sg1> so your the one that messed things up

{20:58} <Erik_Boland> that's what my parents always said

{20:59} <sg1> seriously.... I think we are up to raging and then bbfan and then anybody who wants to ask until erik has to go

{20:59} <Erik_Boland> so where are we at with the next question? I can go on tangents at time

{20:59} <hmhertz> My brothers Indian name was Broken Rubber

{21:00} <Erik_Boland> raging, hit me again, i'm sorry

{21:00} <Maven> ooh, mangini's job hinges on the QB decision

{21:00} <Erik_Boland> oh yes....

{21:01} <RagingJet> Regarding the QB questions again. I think Mangini's job hinges on who he picks for the QB. I know Woody said his job was safe but if the QB fails again he's gone

{21:01} <Erik_Boland> that's an interesting question. i dont think 4-12 would get mangini outright fired (unless he just totally "lost" the team but i don't see that happening). i do think the degree of pressure on mangini for NEXT year depends on what happens this season, though.
{21:01} <Erik_Boland> so the real pressure, i think, is 2009. but that's only if this year is a bad one
{21:02} <Erik_Boland> my biggest concern if i was a jets fan for this season would be a slow start

{21:02} <sg1> erik... the jets have added about 126 running backs.....smith, richardson, chatman, caulcrick, woodhead valentine et al..... who do you think stays after Jones and Washington???
{21:03} <Maven> i was gonna ask about what role richardson will play.. mentor?
{21:03} <hmhertz> Valentine is history

{21:03} <Erik_Boland> sg, i think you pretty much hit the order there, although valentine got released monday

{21:04} <sg1> richardson will play the role of blocker for the halfback and pass catcher on third down IMO
{21:04} <Maven> people out here in Chefs country love richardson

{21:04} <Erik_Boland> maven, richardson will have a greater role than just mentor. mangini, who doesn't get too emotional in public, outright emoted when talking about richardson after one OTA
{21:04} <Erik_Boland> and for the power running game the jets want to have, richardson will be key

{21:05} <sg1> aren't all the rb's part of the callahan plan to create a real running game to take the pressure off whichever quarterback wins the job?
{21:05} <hmhertz> Richardson screwed Hillary

{21:06} <Erik_Boland> not a gov. richardson fan, henry?

{21:06} <sg1> see, I told you henry would get inton penis size sooner than later
{21:06} <Maven> who is up?, if erik doesn't have to go

{21:06} <Erik_Boland> he sounds like a bitter hillary voter
{21:06} <Erik_Boland> kidding

{21:06} <hmhertz> Bill wanted to put out his cigar
{21:06} <bitonti> eew
{21:06} <Erik_Boland> now, now
{21:06} <bbfan18> oh can i ask
{21:07} <sg1> my question about running backs taking the pressure off quarterbacks

{21:07} <Erik_Boland> go bbfan

{21:07} <bbfan18> ok

{21:07} <Erik_Boland> oh sorry, sg, i'll get to it

{21:07} <sg1> then bb fan, OUR CLOSER
{21:07} <bbfan18> just a quick question in a odd mood tonight lol

{21:08} <Erik_Boland> sg, the short answer to your question is yes, though that's not the "callahan plan." that's the mangini, schottenheimer, tannenbaum plan. they all know they don't have peyton manning back there and the running game HAD to improve for the team to be any good this season

{21:08} <bbfan18> what do you think of the new york dragons and albany conquest (the jets had a wr from albany in mini camp )

{21:09} <Erik_Boland> bb, does that stand for bill belichick fan?

{21:09} <bbfan18> hell no
{21:09} <bbfan18> big brother
{21:09} <bitonti> boo this man
{21:09} <jetophile> I knew it was that troll. >:huh:
{21:09} <bbfan18> not a troll
{21:09} <bbfan18> just a jets fan

{21:10} <Erik_Boland> the dragons got sold today. and that concludes the ny dragons portion of tonight's program!

{21:10} <bbfan18> lol
{21:10} <sg1> SO do you have a question about REAL FOOTBALL?
{21:10} <Maven> lol

{21:10} <Erik_Boland> i'll take a couple more if you want

{21:11} <sg1> well, Erik.... thank you very much -- do you have any books on the horizon for us to plug
{21:11} <bbfan18> are the jets doing anything special at hofstra for this last season?
{21:11} <Maven> sure, who is up?
{21:11} <sg1> henry, then prime, then bitonti

{21:11} <Erik_Boland> bb, they are but they haven't shared it with us yet. i talked to woody johnson at one of the minicamps and he made it clear he didnt want to think LI fans were going to be forgotten

{21:12} <bbfan18> excellent
{21:12} <bbfan18> they better have like a hofstra fan appreciation night
{21:12} <hmhertz> which members of this regime are most open with you
{21:12} <sg1> youre not an Icelander fan, bb??are you??
{21:13} <bbfan18> erik you should hang out with the cafetira crew at camp this year
{21:13} <bbfan18> the guys who hang out outside the cafetrira waiting for autographs

{21:13} <Erik_Boland> henry, with this being my first year on the beat - i took over two weeks before the draft - that's still a work in progress. the jets are super secretive with reporters who have covered them for years so as a "new guy" they're not sure what to make of me as yet. which is fair.

{21:14} <sg1> how is randy lange's weight loss program going, erik??

{21:14} <Erik_Boland> sg, c'mon now

{21:14} <prime5> How much does Eric have to do with defensive game planing?
{21:14} <Maven> prime not a sutton fan
{21:14} <sg1> I didn't ask you about Cannizzaro's weight loss program, erik, for godsake
{21:15} <bitonti> dont make maven start banning people

{21:15} <Erik_Boland> just about everyone will tell you that when the jets defense improved the latter part of last year it was because mangini took over much of the game-planning. and yet, sutton is back this year which tells me he had something to do with it. this is the NFL. people aren't kept around for sentimental reasons. sutton is still here because mangini sees value in him as the d-coordinator
{21:16} <Erik_Boland> that said, if they get lit up early, sutton could be in trouble

{21:16} <bbfan18> the jets are doing autograph sessions with the flight crew at camp they never did that before
{21:16} <Maven> and because Al Davis is a crazy ol coot

{21:16} <Erik_Boland> well bb, they never had a flight crew before!
{21:16} <Erik_Boland> they were the "flag girls"

{21:16} <bbfan18> they did last year
{21:16} <bitonti> dwight lowery gonna work in at safety?
{21:17} <Maven> i think he's the nickel

{21:17} <Erik_Boland> coleman actually was the nickel back during the otas and minicamp

{21:17} <sg1> Is Cimini as annoying in private as he is to those of us who have to read him?
{21:17} <Maven> of the future
{21:18} <bbfan18> is dan lebatard going to get punched out at a presser this year

{21:18} <Erik_Boland> lowery started working with the third team and had been elevated to the second team by the end of minicamp, though not exclusively.

{21:18} <prime5> I need to go to lose some money at the local casino.Thanks to Erik,Henry,Maven and SG1
{21:18} <bitonti> later guys - thanks Erik
{21:18} <sg1> I think he means dan leberfield not miami's dan lebatard

{21:18} <Erik_Boland> sure thing bitonti

{21:19} <bbfan18> oh yeah him
{21:19} <bbfan18> my bad
{21:19} <Maven> is joegee up next?
{21:19} <sg1> after the answer to my question about rich cimoron
{21:20} <Maven> sheesh.. don't think Erik will touch the Cimini question sg1
{21:20} <joegee> no questions, just thanks for erik joining us

{21:20} <Erik_Boland> sg, no i'll answer

{21:20} <bbfan18> so you never talked to that albany conquest wr at mini camp erik?
{21:20} <sg1> shh bbfan--- you are done with the arena guys
{21:20} <bbfan18> lol

{21:20} <Erik_Boland> i have a lot of respect for rich, both as a person and a reporter. we're not hang out buddies or anything but he's been on this beat a long time and you have to respect the work he does. or i do anyway
{21:21} <Erik_Boland> bb, what is your obsession here with arena league? it's concerning

{21:21} <jetophile> I enjoy your blog, Erik. Thanks for donating your time here.
{21:21} <hmhertz> All hail our new Randy Lange!
{21:22} <jetophile> Erik with a 'k' - like Erick McMillan. :lol:
{21:22} <sg1> my only real problem is that he watched a practice once and pennington got hit by a guy and he declared that pennington was seriously injured and yet, the next day there was pennington back in the huddle

{21:22} <Erik_Boland> glad to be here guys! thanks for having me

{21:22} <jetophile> Erik
{21:22} <jetophile> Damn it. Stupid keyboard.
{21:22} <bbfan18> i will be starting "stay at hofstra " chants at camp this year
{21:22} <bbfan18> feel free to join in

{21:22} <Erik_Boland> well i'll be at hofstra every day so maybe i'll run into some of you guys

{21:22} <jetophile> Will you be wearing a ballerina outfit?

{21:22} <Erik_Boland> me or bb?

{21:22} <sg1> hofstra sucks--- so does long island and so do the icelanders
{21:23} <jetophile> BB, who else.
{21:23} <sg1> sorry erik--- forgot you work for newsday
{21:23} <bbfan18> why would i be wearing a ballerina outfir
{21:23} <Maven> we sincerely appreciate your time Erik. Next time you see Randy, please pass along out well wishes. Let him know you survived one of our chats, he might have a story or two

{21:23} <Erik_Boland> haha
{21:23} <Erik_Boland> thanks sg
{21:23} <Erik_Boland> and to maven
{21:23} <Erik_Boland> and henry
{21:23} <Erik_Boland> and bb and jetophile
{21:23} <Erik_Boland> and the rest

{21:23} <sg1> books to plug??? let us know
{21:23} <bbfan18> i might even hire a band to play stay at hofstra songs
{21:24} <hmhertz> My plesure
{21:24} <sg1> you couldn't hire ashley dupree
{21:24} <Maven> anything to plug, send me an email

{21:24} <Erik_Boland> have a great night guys. i'll be back if you want me

{21:24} <Maven> sure thing erik.. thanks again
{21:24} <sg1> thanks erik
{21:24} <joegee> if they come back and even have 1 practice a year at hofstra for the Long island fans it wouldn soothe ruffled feathers somewhat

{21:24} <Erik_Boland> i enjoyed it

{21:25} <sg1> fuggedabout hofstra --- put a fork in it , its done
{21:25} <joegee> likewise here, thanks erik

{21:25} Erik_Boland left http://www.nyjetschat.com

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 08:57 AM

Thanks, guys for setting it up and Mark for typing & cleaning up the trasncript. Reading the transcript reaffirms for me why I no longer participate in them. There are always a number of guys who act rude and stupid, ask questions before the guest is finished responding to the previous question, ask dumb questions, and act like juveniles. I wonder why they sportswriters keep coming back. I'm sure word gets around. Notice that Erik said he felt like he was in college again. Some of you guys need to grow the fuck up.

#3 User is offline   hmhertz 

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 10:08 AM

It took a lot of work to set it up, yourn your aquestions would have been more appreciated than your criticism
Ferrid, the big hose knows

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 10:28 AM

View Posthmhertz, on 07/11/08, 11:08, said:

It took a lot of work to set it up, yourn your aquestions would have been more appreciated than your criticism

i agree. its just football, not the paris peace talks.
i think the guy got some chuckles out of it too.
good job on the chat. thanks to all. sorry i couldnt be in.

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 10:51 AM

I tried recruiting paticipants from other boards, because past experiences showed not enough of
you Jack Asses would make the effort to show. Some were good Bitonti others were trolls BB
Ferrid, the big hose knows

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 05:12 PM

Thank you for posting the transcript. I had intended to participate but something else came up. Way up. And, it sounds like Boland enjoyed himself on the chat, including the allegedly juvenile humor. Lighten up CD. I don't think Boland was offended by anyone's comments. Seems like he had fun with it. Good work by Henry and everyone else who helped to pull it off.

#7 User is offline   prime5 

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 07:54 PM

Kudos to Henry,Maven and SG1 for doing a great job in setting the Boland Q&A up.Despite CDs comments,most of the questions were well thought out and resulted in the dissemenation of meaningful information.

#8 User is offline   cdcollins5 

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 09:49 PM

Don't misunderstand. I'm glad we have the chats. I know that Henry, Mark, Steve and perhaps others do a lot of work to make it happen. I appreciate that and am not knocking them at all.

I'll admit that this chat was much better than many of the others I've seen, but still, I intensely dislike the rudeness to our guests. Maybe some of you were never taught any better, but it's rude, boorish and juvenile to interrupt someone when they're talking or answering a question. There's no excuse for it. Sorry if that bothers some of you. Yes, it's just football, but that doesn't that mean that some people have to act like they're 12 years old. We're all supposedly adults. I'm not saying there can't be some lighthearted fun and jokes. It's mostly the rudeness that bothers me. I see it more and more in society, and I don't think it's acceptable. It's bad enough when we're rude to each other, but is inexcusable when we're rude to a guest who has been generous enough to give up some of his/her time to come and share information with us.

All I'm saying is that we can act like mature adults and like we have at least half a brain in our heads for a half hour or so. Most guys do. There's just always a few who don't.

Guests aren't going to say anything. They'll just go away thinking what a bunch of blockheads, and may not be willing to give of their time next time. It's also a small world. The sportswriters talk. If this place gets a bad rep, we'll have a hard time getting anyone to come back for chats.

I'm not trying to be a prick. I used to really enjoy the chats and think they're a great thing for the site. They were ruined for me, and I don't want it to get so no sportswriter will come in and do a chat.

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 10:50 PM

View Postcdcollins5, on 07/11/08, 22:49, said:

Don't misunderstand. I'm glad we have the chats. I know that Henry, Mark, Steve and perhaps others do a lot of work to make it happen. I appreciate that and am not knocking them at all...
Hey, Happy Birthday! I thought I saw that floating around on the bottom a few days ago. What a country!
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Posted 11 July 2008 - 11:27 PM

I haven't checked the transcript.However,I remember too frequent interjections by only one participant.The other comments were made by the Moderators/Organizers. Members who interupt unnecessarily should be disinvited for future sessions.

#11 Guest_sg1_*

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Posted 12 July 2008 - 01:40 PM

maybe you are right collins

but my view from the front lines is that Erik actually had a good time with the thing and is looking forward to doing it again. Maybe our silly attempts at humor (about his fellow sportswriters or henry's threads about body organs, et al) were more entertaining to him than his daily 45 minutes with Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum....

anyhow, I didn't get the same reading you did.

I also appreciate that some of the guys (other than me and henry) actually have a life and can't always make it to these things.

Thanks to kevlax, joegee, bitonti, prime 5, banned from ji, raging jet, jetophile and even the troll who only wanted to ask about hofstra for showing up and participating in an interesting and entertaining hour plus. And to my buddy from Scotland for providing all the questions I asked. And special thanks to hank and maven for doing the hard work of getting Erik on board and maintaining the terrific chatroom in whichit took place

Hopefully we can do it again with Boland and maybe a few others can find it within their schedules next time

#12 User is online   mrcoops 

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Posted 12 July 2008 - 04:08 PM

Just got back from my holiday, looks like I missed a good chat there.

Many thanks to Erik for dropping by to answer all our questions, and well done to all those who showed up for the chat.

Special thanks to Henry and Mark for organising it all, and especially to Steve for posing those questions on my behalf.

Well done guys, and thanks again to you all!
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Posted 12 July 2008 - 05:56 PM

Nice work with the chat, guys.

Sorry I couldn't attend. I'll try to make the next one.

Thanks to all who helped put the chat together.
Caring about the Jets is bad for your health.

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 10:08 AM

I tried to promote the chat on JI. Needless to say, y`all know who I was. I wished had more stuff to ask. Currently the only thing I`m truly interested in are whats up with the new stadium and PSL`s. The Jets are a few seasons away being considered contenders of any kind so my only interest really is the new stadium stuff. I`d really love to know what happens to those fans who aren`t "tenured" as long as others are. I think we all know 99% of the people who have tickets between the 40`s are not going to spend the thousands upon thousands of dollars for those seats. So will these fans be able to "bump" others out of their cheaper PSL`d seats?

I want to keep my seats if I can. I don`t want to lose them and I don`t want to cut 4 into 2 either. Right now I may not be able to afford them(depending still) so I would be crushed if I have no choice but to let them go. Possibly in the future I may be able to afford them easily, but if I lose them now, they will be gone forever.

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Posted 14 July 2008 - 09:10 AM

Moving this thread to 'The Front Page' forum, where I've archived all the old chat transcripts. The transcript will still show on the home page for awhile.

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks again to everyone for their participation.


#16 User is offline   The Commissioner 

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Posted 14 July 2008 - 09:42 AM

Jesus Christ, these transcripts are almost impossible to read through without my wisdom shining down on every Q&A.

For some dam reason I cant get into the chat room anymore.

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Posted 14 July 2008 - 10:47 AM

View PostThe Commissioner, on 07/14/08, 9:42, said:

Jesus Christ, these transcripts are almost impossible to read through without my wisdom shining down on every Q&A.

For some dam reason I cant get into the chat room anymore.

Which method are you using to access the room, the link at the top that says 'Live Chat', or the direct link to the full screen room that I posted in the thread to notify people of the chat if they didn't wish to register for the forum?

What browser are you using?

Do you have Java installed on your pc?

Are you logged into the forum when you try to enter the room?

What does it look like when you can't get in.. do you see the login box?, or does it not load the room at all?

Do you have security software running that blocks java applets?

I'm sure we can get it fixed up if I have more details.


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Posted 14 July 2008 - 03:19 PM

I'll work on getting you those answers and a vile of blood asap

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